3 Mistakes You Are Making On Social Media

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3 Mistakes You Are Making On Social Media

Social media began when various social networks popped up. Most of these were made by and for college students and young adults. Of course, it didn’t take long for businesses to catch on. Social media provides endless possibilities to reach new clients and maintain relationships with existing ones. Today, most people and companies are active on multiple social networks. Mello Multimedia is a full-service team in Rhode Island focused on website design, brand identity, and digital marketing. Here are some of the common mistakes we see on social media that are costing you customers and money.

Unclear Identity

Many mistakes on social media are the result of an unclear brand identity. Of course, if you don’t know who you are then your digital marketing won’t make sense. This includes consistent graphics, logo use, and verbiage. Besides that, it also extends to tone. Does your digital marketing strategy focus on humor or expertise? Do you respond appropriately to unexpected news and events? Does your team speak with an appropriate voice? You need a clear brand identity with shared expectations on your social media team.

Uneven Approach

Most of us don’t own a social media network. Therefore, one of the most common mistakes in digital marketing is to over-rely on social media or a specific social media network. What would you do if Facebook shut down tomorrow? How will you get ready for the next social media network? You need to focus on multiple social media networks. More importantly, your social media work needs to drive traffic into spheres that you do own and control – your website and communication from you. Your social media posts and ads should be working periodically to move people from social media networks to you.

Unplanned Strategy

It is painfully apparent when there is no strategic plan. Hence, sometimes you will see bursts of posts in an afternoon and then radio silence. Other times companies are so focused on creating fun posts that their feed contains nothing pertinent to the company or product. You need a clear plan for strategic digital marketing. How many posts should you be pushing out each day? What does a typical weekly schedule look like on social media? Who is responsible for responding to complaints and negative posts? You must plan out all of this, or your social media presence will be unreliable and unhelpful.

Nowadays, social media management is essential in digital marketing. Do you need help developing a social media strategy that works for your company? Contact Mello Multimedia today.

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