5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Squarespace

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Squarespace

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When you’re building a business, a high-quality professional website is essential. You need somewhere to showcase your business that people will be impressed by and will interest them in engaging with you and your business. Social media can only go so far, but people will still venture to your website in order to investigate you further. Because of this, you need your website to be the best it can be and inspire conversions. That’s what it all comes down to. You want people to buy your product or service.

If you have issues with your website, people are far less likely to convert. They will venture on to the next company listed in their search string. Many new businesses may look to save money and time by using a website building service, such as Squarespace. This is a mistake. Instead, you should go with a professional designer with experience in your industry that can help guide you and improve upon your bottom line.

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Squarespace For Your Business:

  1. Branding is about more than just your website.

While your website is a key component of your brand, there are other marketing pieces that go into your brand as well. This is how potential customers will see and remember you. It separates you from all of your competitors.

A skilled graphic designer will be able to help you build out your entire marketing strategy and branding. This will be not only for your website, but other things as well such as any print materials as well as social media. A designer will help you come up with the best logo and color scheme to go through your website and other pages. They know what works for your industry and what doesn’t. That kind of experience is what will set you apart from your competitors and help your business get noticed.

  1. It will cost you a lot of time.

While you think that Squarespace will save you time by allowing you to build your website on your own, that is not necessarily the case. Chances are, you are not a professional designer and because of that, it will take you some time to get your website how you want it. Even then, it may not be what’s best for your business. There will be a learning curve when you get started and because you don’t have the branding background, you may not even know how to figure out what you want.

You will need to invest a lot of your time in building your website when you would be working on other aspects of your business. A graphic designer will be able to be a partner and work with you to formulate the best plan instead of needing to do it all on your own. They will be able to tell you what works and why and come up with solutions for what you need.

  1. The cost is not worth the value.

The price that you have to pay for Squarespace is not its value. They are more expensive than their direct competitors and their plans are limited to a single website. The lower tier plans cap the number of pages and products that you can use.

The money for a graphic designer is worth the price because of everything that you get with it. As mentioned above, you are getting a partner to help you design your website. You are getting much more value out of a relationship like that.

  1. It is lacking in backend user functionality.

A major drawback of Squarespace is that while it is advertised as a simple and straightforward website builder, its backend functionality is not easy to use. If you want to edit and add content, open new pages, edit the design template, add blog functionality or move elements around, you’re in for a difficult time.

You don’t have to touch CSS or HTML code, but the actual mechanics of building your website with Squarespace are not smooth. It’s easy to get something turned around and throw off the whole setup. If you don’t already have experience building a website, it will be very frustrating and you will find a definite learning curve. A designer would be able to help you with these things instead of needing to figure it all out on your own.

  1. There is a lack of advanced marketing tools.

Even though Squarespace does give the basics for marketing, it does not offer much in terms of advanced tools. There is virtually no A/B testing and SEO is limited to basic meta-structure. This is not the ideal way to market and build your business.

When it comes to your dreams and livelihood, don’t take chances. Make sure that you have a high-quality website that is going to help you and your business. Hire a professional like me who can give you the guidance and support you need in order to grow your business. Contact Information: Phone (401) 601-3576 Email info@mellomultimedia.com

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