What Your Law Firm Website MUST HAVE

What Your Law Firm Website MUST HAVE

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When it comes to building any sort of business, a high-quality website is one of the main pieces that you need to make sure to have in place. People research things before they buy goods or services and if you don’t have a website or have a website that isn’t up to par, you are starting way behind of your competition. This is just as true in the law field as any other. Your website is where people start when they are researching you. It helps determine whether or not someone is going to engage with you.

A website is a valuable tool in generating leads for your law firm. Online marketing, when done correctly, is a great way to build your business and gain clients. You want your website to bring a steady stream of relevant clients to your practice. Attracting those who are most likely to use your services is imperative to the success of your law firm.


What does a website do for a law firm?


– Develops brand awareness.

In order to gain any clients, they need to know that you exist. Your branding is essential in helping people recognize you and engage with your practice.


– Show people what you specialize in.

Your website is valuable in showing people what type of law you specialize in. It should leave no question as to what you do and the types of services you offer.


– Sell your services.

Your website is a great outlet in order to sell your services. When building a business, you want to use all of the tools at your disposal. This includes being able to sell your law firm online by convincing people that yours is the right law firm for them.


– Book appointments.

Let’s face it, sometimes people prefer the ability to book appointments online. It’s easier, you don’t have to wait for a place to open and you don’t have to talk to anyone when you book an appointment through a website. By giving people this option, you are increasing your amount of conversions.


– Provide support.

Providing support to your clients is essential to your business. It’s a great idea to be able to offer this through your website for the same reasons that you should offer an option to book appointments online.


– Address common questions.

Your website is a great place to answer common questions that you get from potential clients. People will easily be able to find answers to some of their questions online. This will save time on both ends.


– Lead generation and lead conversion.

This category is the most important reason to have a high-quality website. You want to generate and convert leads.


How to inspire more conversions:


– Position your law firm as a specialist.

As mentioned above, you should use your website to show what type of law you specialize in. When people search for a lawyer, they are looking for someone who specializes in the kind of legal help that they need. Show why you’re different from your competitors.


– Offer free and educational content.

A great call to action button for your website involves offering free content in exchange for contact information. This could be in the form of a free report, educational materials or signing up for a newsletter. This is a great way to build your email list and catch people early on in their decision making process.


– Use unique photos and videos.

Do not use stock photos. A lot of places will do this, but it is a mistake. You will just blend in with your competitors instead of setting yourself apart. Make sure that photos are unique to your law firm and the people that work there. Videos are also great to add to your website and gives people a way to identify with you and see that you’re a real person.


– Offer all forms of contact information.

Make it easy to find your phone number and email address on your website. No one will take the time to dig around to find it and you’ll lose many possible conversions in the process. Have this information in the top right corner on each page to make sure people can find it easily.


– You have to be mobile-friendly.

People search on their smart phones and tablets all the time. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly. No one will take the time to look up your law firm again later when they have access to a laptop or desktop. They will just move on.


– Make your call to action clear.

Have a clear call to action on your website. In many cases, this will be calling for a free consultation. You want people to know what the next step is.


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